How does a kid born in Concordia Parish, Louisiana, and raised on catfish and venison in Callahan County, Texas end up playing Gruene Hall at the age of 22? Ask Garrett Bryan and he’ll tell you it’s a long story. Listen to his music and it becomes obvious.  

Garrett’s two year touring experience with Callahan Divide helped him understand that the relationships between an artist, the venue, and the audience are sacred and should be based on honesty, passion, and mutual respect. The payoff is a kinship with the house that recurs with every encounter

The bottom line is that Garrett Bryan knows who he is, and he’s a good man. He also knows that hard work and keeping your word are the keys to success in the music business. He loves what he does because he has a story to tell.  Perhaps the most important part of all this is that Garrett Bryan understands the timbre of a heart--and audiences know it

The Traveling City Commitee

Jordan Tyler Haynes

Lead guitar & Harms

Jordan's been playing guitar for over half his life. He and Garrett met at Clyde High School in Callahan County, Texas, became best of friends, and the rest is history in the making. After earning a degree in Auto Technology Jordan found himself back home in Abilene overqualified and out of money. That’s when he turned to music and never looked back. An excellent song writer and storyteller on his own, Jordan’s Telecaster and vocals add layers and articulation to the soul of the music. He’s a hard worker. When it’s not all beer and skittles, JT’s the person that keeps the band moving in the right direction.

Taylor Barringer


A native of Canyon, Texas and the Llano Estacado, Taylor Barringer is the mayor of Garrett Bryan’s Traveling City. Taylor got his first drum kit for Christmas when he was twelve and has been working his butt off ever since. He’s a gifted drummer because he works at it. In fact, legend has it that atomic clocks reference him to keep time. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t talk much. When it comes to life on the road, Taylor’s a top ranahan with a decade of experience. He’s the one that won’t complain or cut and run when things get bad … he’ll just find a better recipe for beans and make do with the scraps.

Casey Johns


Crane County, Texas--all 786 square miles of it--sits on the northern edge of the Chihuahuan desert. So far west in Texas that it should be in another time zone. There’s only one town in Crane County … Crane, and her favorite son plays bass guitar for Garrett Bryan and the Traveling City Committee. Casey’s been playing bass for 12 years and he uses both the stand-up and electric to intensify the soul of the music. Casey Johns is a cool and deliberate person. When a situation comes up that’s filled with horns and rattles, the same methodical thinking that earned him a B.S. in Wildlife Biology smooths things out and helps keep the band focused.

Ivy Byram

Keys and harms

Ivy Byram is the latest and greatest addition to the TCC. Ivy is originally from Baird, TX, and has been performing since she could walk. She serves as the go-to pitch corrector for the TCC, and is the resident witch. As a professionally trained vocalist, she adds savvy with her vocal trick smarts and impeccable pitch. As a spiritually endowed sorceress, she may share her secret throat potion with you. (just ask her). In a band full of talented musicians, she heightens every performance with her gut-wrenching harmonies, and her beautiful, ever-present, but sonically sneaky, keys playing. She doesn't just bring the fire, she's the one stirring the cauldron.  

Gaje Garrett


Gaje Garrrett can see things that other people can’t. And that’s a good thing. His work cuts through the fog of everyday life and unveils the truth in the music and lives of Garrett Bryan and the Traveling City Committee. Gaje is a compassionate, empathetic, and honest person … he’s also painfully tactful and tireless. A shining star of Clyde, Texas and Callahan County, Gaje’s formal qualifications as a videographer are awesome (ask him about the rigor required for a Master’s degree), but his work is evidence that he’s had a camera and third person perspective in his hand since he could hold them. When the band makes a move, he’s usually the first one to break the barrier … and the first one to say “Let ‘r Buck.”